Veteran Programs

Our programs are designed to assist our heroes transition back into our community.  It doesn’t matter if you have physical or emotional injuries, or you just want to spend time with other veterans.  We got it!  Just by spending time with others that understand where you have been and what you going through, life becomes a lot easier.  All of our programs connect you with other veterans and the outside community.  There is no need for any veteran to go it alone, in Kern County.

If you would like to become part of the WHF family, let us know! We will contact you and keep you in loop with all of the upcoming events and programs.  Once you do, it won’t take long to see the difference it will make in your life.

Mastering Abilities Riding Equine

Mastering Abilities Riding Equine

M.A.R.E is working with veterans in the community by partnering with The Wounded Heroes Fund.

Many veterans and their families have spent countless hours in traditional therapies in clinical or educational setting. Many are discouraged by tedious repetition making difficult to fully engage participants. This program will engage veterans in social and physical experiences that facilitate acceptable behavior and boundaries that allow more outings and positive social interactions at home, work, school, and public places.

Equine therapy has been shown to be effective in treating patients. Including combat veterans with PTSD, depression, anxiety , attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, dissociative disorder and other chronic mental illnesses. Over 30 VA Medical centers are participating in Equine- Assisted Activities (EAA) programs all around the U.S. as noted by the Supervisory Recreation Therapist Department of Veteran Affairs. 

M.A.R.E provides a unique facility and outdoor setting to assist in meeting their individual goals by enhancing a plan of care through the movement of the horses. Programs focus on abilities by adapting exercises and activities that focus on emotional , physical , and mental abilities and channels them to succeed.

M.A.R.E. and WHF have seen success with veterans that have gone through the program and still attending. There has been an increase in confidence, growth in social skills and improvements in physical abilities.

If you would like to try and see the program please fill our Veteran Registration form and under programs choose "M.A.R.E. "

Research shows that emotional and physical healing take place in the outdoors at a much faster rate than with conventional methods alone. Our outdoor adventures are designed to build confidence, hope, and a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention we have a great time! Checkout our events page to see what’s coming up next.

Female Veteran Program



  • WHF’s mission is to advocate, educate and bond with all women veterans with special emphasis on women returning from deployment; to ensure they are connected to appropriate direct services and resources for readjustment and coping skills as they return to employment, school and family.


WHF Female Veteran Program Details:

  • Female Veteran events such as, paint nights, bowling nights, and other events that solely pertain to Female Veterans to build a healthy camaraderie amongst the Female Veterans community.

  • Contact Jessica Brown (Navy Veteran) at 661-328-8600.


WHF Goals for the Female Veteran Program:

  • To establish events every month

  • Create a safe, supportive, and fun environment for Female Veterans

  • Show appreciation to all Female Veterans

Sometimes all you really need is to get out and be with other veterans. To be around those that have been where you have been and understand where you are coming from. But if you can get outside at the same time and experience the wonderful landscape that you fought so hard to preserve, at the same time, that’s even better! That is why every month our team plans a hike to some fabulous locations. Nothing provides therapy quite like challenging yourself in the great outdoors with fellow veterans.All of our hikes are led by an experienced outdoors-man and professionals with outdoor medical experience and credentials.DOWNLOAD the liability waiver.VIEW our upcoming hikes.

One of the biggest stressors on a family is finances. We have designed a financial seminar to provide a judgment-free education for veterans to learn how to establish and maintain a budget, plan for future expenses, and live comfortably within their means. These seminars are free for veterans and their spouse.

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month we meet up at the Bakersfield Vet Center just to hangout and spend time with other OEF/OIF veterans. Join us at 5pm for a laid back time of ping pong, billiards, conversation, and some good old fashion trash talking.

Warriors at ease photo

Dana Healey, an Army veteran and owner of Warrior 1 Yoga, offers free classes to our veterans on Tuesday’s at 7:30am in her studio. Benefits include, decreased stress, increased flexibility, weight loss and more. For veterans experiencing PTSD andTBI yoga can be a great way to overcome the symptoms. These classes are for veterans and their spouses. If you would like more information about Warrior1 Yoga, click HERE.

During the regular hockey season it is our pleasure to honor a veteran during each Friday and Saturday home game, of the Bakersfield Condors. If you know a veteran that deserves to be honored than click on the image above to nominate them to be honored. (Nominations are available one month prior to opening day.)

Condors Veteran of game program has ended for the 2018