The Wounded Heroes Fund Service Dog program was started in 2016 to help local veterans. The dogs and training are free of charge to veterans and are trained by our Service Dog Director Julio Torres (USMC Ret.) who has been training service dogs since 2012. Julio set out to help veterans in need with PTSD,TBI, and MST.

If you are looking for a service dog or know of someone in need of a service dog please contact Julio Torres at

Office:(661)328-8600 or Cell:(661)304-0155



I joined The United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 out of high school. I went to bootcamp on September 17th, 2001 six days after the the World Trade Center attack. I became a Anti-Tank Assault-man and deployed to Iraq with 3/7 for the initial invasion in 2003 and re-deployed again to Iraq in 2004. In late 2005 I became field instructor with the weapons and field training battalion at Edison Range. I trained over 6,000 recruits making America's highest quality trained United States Marines. I received orders to 3/5, where I was given various positions such as Platoon SGT,Embark Rep,Company Gunny,Operations Chief, and BEQ manager. Upon returning from Iraq I was having complications adjusting to life and tried my best using alcohol to cover it up . I was given a service dog through a program in San Diego and medically discharged after serving 11 years. A couple of months passed and I was asked to assist training dogs for veterans in Kern County by Sherri's project, Wounded Warrior pack in San Diego. When I started to train dogs I found my passion after my military life. 3 years later I partnered with a local non-profit where I was able to assist more local veterans and became the director of the new program. The program I created with The Wounded Heroes Fund was built from top to bottom providing training, collars, leashes and dog food free of cost to veterans. It's what Veterans deserve and what I love doing. 

Julio Torres

Julio Torres

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