On September 11, 2001 America was reminded just how important our Military is. Since that day, Kern County has had no shortage of brave men and women volunteer to protect our Nation from those that would see it fall.

Unfortunately, our service members do not always return home in the same shape that they left. Some are injured visibly, others still with injuries not noticeable, and all return affected by their service.

Part of the WHF mission is to support those veterans that need help, no matter what type of help they may need.



Board approved financial grants: WHF grants are what sets WHF apart from the pack. They are approved based on need, not type. Some examples of past grants are: family travel expenses, grocery money for families of deployed heroes, funds to adapt homes for wheelchair accessibility. We have given out $113,820.92 in grants for the 2016 year for our local veterans.

Community Network: WHF has connected veterans with employers, medical professionals, mortgage specialists, universities, housing opportunities, etc., often avoiding costs of services.

Vet-together Program: WHF funded outings so that groups of veterans with their common backgrounds can bond while experiencing something new.

Event Staffing/Organization: As WHF has become recognized as a powerful local network, various other organizations have utilized WHF to help plan and staff volunteers for their military support events.




It can be difficult for a veteran to feel comfortable back in society. As life goes on back in the states, it can seem like the country is unaware that there is a war raging on. Oftentimes, simply recognizing the sacrifices and the hardships that they have experienced can mean all the difference in the life of a veteran. Appreciation might not be as tangible as monetary assistance, but its impact is often more indelible.



Annual “Salute To Our Local Heroes”: WHF’s flagship event, serves as a venue for the community to come together and personally thank our local heroes. Hosted annually in Bakersfield with a fantastic meal, entertainment, keynote speakers, and family fun.

Kern County Hospitality trips: WHF volunteers travel to military hospitals like Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical Center, and Balboa National Naval Medical Center to prepare meals for our recently injured veterans. These facilities have been host to some of our local Wounded Heroes, and those veterans that aren’t from Kern County are shown a bit of what makes our community so special.

“Welcome Home” events: WHF hosts parties for returning local units and organizes greeting events for individual heroes returning home.
Fallen Hero memorial funds: WHF is working closely with the families of some of our local heroes who paid the ultimate price. These funds will be established for perpetuity in the spirit of the fallen heroes themselves, covering costs for endeavors that were close to their hearts, such as law enforcement academies or entrance fees for summer camps for deserving Kern County youths.