To act as a service organization for those veterans and their families affected by the war on terror in an effort to provide them with support and appreciation they need for a healthy return to civilian life.

Simply speaking we help our Local Heroes and their families transition to our local community in a healthy way




It is essential that we are morally upright in our interactions with other. Whether we are with veterans, donors or members of the community, we say what we mean and we mean what we say.


Personal Fortitude

Our community is made up of people that have faced impossible odds and not only survived, they are thriving. We strive for nothing less than identifying the goal and finding within ourselves and our community the resources to achieve it.



Courtesy, reliability, respect and excellence don’t stop with a DD-214. We are committed to being accountable and devoted to these in every interaction we have.


Respect for All

Everyone deserves the dignity and respect that being a human being brings. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran with 10 combat tours, or a civilian on the street we owe you that. It is for this reason that those we work with view us as a resource, not a charity.


Commitment to Community

People don’t exist in isolation and neither can  veterans. Bridging the gap between our service men and women with the people of Kern County is our ultimate goal. Our comrades are the men and women of Kern County.