Family Programs

We know that our military families go through a lot.  When our service members come home, the stress doesn’t automatically stop.  That is why we have set up a variety of programs to assist our veterans in their family life.  Sometimes just being able to get out on a date can be an impossible task.  Meeting other couples with similar experiences can be helpful.  So can learning new tools about how to communicate, relax, even manage money.

Kern County Veterans have an incredible resource, right here in Kern County.  Attend one of our date nights or workshops free of charge and ensure that you have the tools necessary for a healthy transition for your family.  You will find environments that are free from judgment, attended by other veterans, and friendly.

Below is a list of programs and activities that we offer throughout the year.  If you would like more information please feel free to call us and we will answer right away!

Periodically throughout the year we host a one-day marriage and family workshop for couples. Join us and other couples as we learn to communicate and maintain the health of our relationships.

One of the biggest stressors on a family is finances. We have designed a financial seminar to provide a judgment-free education for veterans to learn how to establish and maintain a budget, plan for future expenses, and live comfortably within their means. These seminars are free for veterans and their spouse. Our Next Budget Workshop will be on February 28th at the Vet Center from 4-6 PM to reserve your seat please register here

Sometimes families need to be equipped with different tools for different situations. WHF, along with other organizations, has developed programs to assist families dealing with PTSD and other combat related stressors while strengthening family bonds and communication.We currently have partnered with MARE Riding Center to offer selected veterans and their families an equine based program to assist with communication and team-work within the family unit.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and spend some time together. That is why we created Date Night! Enjoy a night out at a restaurant, movie, or other event here in Kern County, on us! We have even partnered with childcare organizations to ensure that you have no worries while you and your spouse get out and reconnect.